Ceiling Beams / Orphan and the Prisoner

by The Duke And The Dauphin

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Every love and death
leads to yourself
returning to my walls and haunted breath
Every dream pursued
and begged to never lose
only ads a knot to waiting noose


released June 7, 2015

Jeffrey Mull -- Lyrics
Marshall Hattersley -- Recording



all rights reserved


The Duke And The Dauphin San Francisco, California

Jeffrey Mull (Top): thatwhiskeyguy@gmail.com

Marshall Hattersley: soundcloud.com/marshall-hattersley

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Track Name: Ceiling Beams
My old friend / like a caterwaul
showed me all her scars lined a-long her back and arms
mocking smile / like a silent bell
like a lover's melting torpor to her sighs

To her comely likeness I could tie
My old friend held to time

I could live unlasting in the walls
my own blood turned to lime

I could swing till day
but I couldn't find the way

my old friend
is the ceiling beam (beams to tie the)
in the fleeting dreams to lose the
will to hold your hand

every stone
is a castle wall (walls to hold the)
is a trembling ghost to stare me down
and hold you in

till her love's at last dead she won't fall
i grab my own arms and brace for all

till her love's at last dead on yellow rope
i grab my own neck and curse the hope

till her love's at last dead she'll stand tall
i grab my own wind to fail and fall

she still bares the grin
she fucking knows she'll win
Track Name: Orphan and the Prisoner
Every love is dead
bled into my stone
the orphan and the prisoner in my palm
I am just a cell
the hell where two were drawn
trading tales of failure to the dawn

All his hopes are gone to the night
No more will to fight

She would turn her head from the light
While his eyes would watch the silence and mice

Everything you chase
and try so hard to save
only digs you deeper in your grave
The orphan needs a cage
a cross to cast its shade
the prisoner's dig to freedom dulls his blade

I loiter for the godless
I alone could hold this

you pray my walls are falling apart
but I alone could stow
the demons of this home