On Isolation

by The Duke And The Dauphin

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released January 7, 2017

Music: Marshall Hattersley
Lyrics: Jeffrey Mull
Album Art: Shannon Stovall



all rights reserved


The Duke And The Dauphin San Francisco, California

Jeffrey Mull (Top): thatwhiskeyguy@gmail.com

Marshall Hattersley: soundcloud.com/marshall-hattersley

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Track Name: Hunt
tepid hands of a poem
cannot draw smoke from the fire
dead voice raspy and drawn
a desert of the heart and the lung

I pray for a voice in the dark
and head from the water in hope of a song
my fingers draw in the sand
a shadow man's silent red eyes

a hard nail stabbed in my palm
a lost child haggard and gaunt
the lady in my ear sings a song
her mirror tilts towards the blood
Track Name: Each Escape is a Return
every time that I wait
for empty space
come the psalms sung that you prayed
such loving could turn me to rust
such wasted trust
but the wounds still turn on key

I'll see the night that you turn on all I lack
all my cracks
darkness so tired
of seeing its own back
do I know I would break
if I'm saved

poems that pour forth like fate
my crucifix
worms of poison turn me black
wrapped your love tight 'round the neck
such difference
dangled lonely, lost instead

turn from the lights
they just hold me from my fate
my own
shadows are life
they keep me in this place
should I go?
yes I can leave but
would I really want to try

I could love you or sigh
I could denounce this space
if I'm saved
Track Name: Gestures in the Cold
my arm's a little laced
in your comfort raised
in this horrid place

my arm's a lead laid ore
to your body aches
to your pain's grimace

and I know your eyes they tiredly watch
as I try to make it all alone
gestures in the cold

and the morning turns your eyes
and lets me in
to the painful wind so sore
but maybe I need too
or I need to be
needed by you

and I know we're lately tied to the moaning
and I'm just a nobody sick and lowly
but I can't let you in this time or I'll
break us both