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Stowaway by The Duke And The Dauphin is the result of two weeks of coffee drinking, nostalgia, a sense of perpetual displacement, and friendship. It's a relatable collection, with driving full-production efforts, light pop, dark folk, and intimate love ballads. It stems from the confusion and masochism, bliss and recklessness, illusions and delusions present in the unrequited mind of someone in love.


After the Duke And The Dauphin's first musical effort "Parallel Lines", both members left lakeside with the hopes of making a life elsewhere. Jeffrey left for San Fransisco and Marshall left for New Jersey, both trying to become self-sustaining, hoping to start a career and pursue relationships.

The results didn't live up to the ambitions. They quickly found themselves back in lakeside, starting from square one. While Jeffrey began preparing to move back to Mexico, and Marshall to San Fransisco, they decided to spend the interim time making another collection of songs. The two wrote four new tunes, this time more relatable in message and melody, with an emphasis on larger production.

Stowaway begins with the first track Children of the Village, a driving folk rock tune with harmonies reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and Daniel Rossen, but incorporating a more idiosyncratic rhythm and chord structure. It is followed by Raven's Eye, a much more relaxed and pop-oriented tune, showing hints of The Dirty Projectors and Paul Simon. Tel Aviv reflects the sound of the first EP, and shows clear inspiration from Joni Mitchell. The last track, Hymn to Still Waters, an intimate radiohead-esque piano ballad with sweeping woodwinds, also parallels the style of the last song in the previous EP.


released May 26, 2013

Marshall Hattersley -- Music
Jeffrey Mull - Lyrics
Shannon Stovall - Artwork



all rights reserved


The Duke And The Dauphin San Francisco, California

Jeffrey Mull (Top):

Marshall Hattersley:

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Track Name: Children of the Village
Adding oils to slow the drying time
Thoughts were voiceless
discordant mind

A boy was born here
This village unknown
where ground was made of glass
brittle as bone

frail body, wilted alone
forged visions, forsaken unshown
Stow away
illusions of home

Drew his darks down
mixing tones into the ground
told her story
in colors and sound

A boy was born here
with a girl he had grown
where ground is made of glass and stone

A boy was born here
Maybe she'd known

Stow away
The paintings you blurred
Stow away
memories of her

Stow Away
Track Name: Raven's Eye
My head weighted to the ground
Unfulfilling, most unsound
The bed where we planned to flee
Restless children adrift to sea

Some hope to the south is led
Understated, undermined
Our heads to the windmills tilt
Undeserving and unrefined
Soft doubt in the raven's eye

We hadn't planned to last a day
Sentiment would not block our way
Our hands had written all we hoped
On pages of past stuck within my throat

Up there in those fields of light
Represented so sublime
Our heads thought of only flight
Comfortable days, a few passionate nights
Soft doubt in the raven's eye

Up there in those fields of light
Represented so sublime
We slipped through the night bird's call
Simply leaping for the thrill of the fall
But our heads thought of only flight
Soft doubt in the raven's eye
Track Name: Tel Aviv
I'll move through the desert
Sleep on the streets
And carry the smell of death with me
Picking out the worms that burrow in my feet

I'll cut off my own hand for money I won't spend
Sell it to an Abyssinian
How long have I been here?
How long till I leave?

Tel Aviv
As dry a place as I've been
Tel Aviv
Because she was so cold
I'll surely die here grey and old

Siphon out my own blood
Like venom from a wound
Fill the veins with smoke as if balloons
Languidly drifting towards the moon
Where we will drink in excess
Silence won't be feared
Look down at the world and laugh

I will not write poetry
I will not fall in love

Tel Aviv
As dry a place as I've been
Tel Aviv
Because she was so cold
I'll surely die here grey and old
Track Name: Hymn to Still Waters
When I am alone, unrequited
at the edge of the fall

When I howl my thoughts, indecisive
at the wall and the stone

When I am tired, yet I am quite awake
Understand me this:
that you are the island, you are where time abates
I sailed off into the storm
you are the way
back home

When I turn aside, lashing night
all the world seeming slight

Mirages unwaning, yet feel memories taming eye
feeling time
kissing your knees, I clung to the reefs in the cave
undertow and wave

You are the sail, you are the tale
I keep alive

Kicking the starlight, keeping to flight
You are the perfume
that draws me off and breaks me soft
I could not stay if my cold wouldn't starve
Let it know
Let it go
Let it go
Let it know
Let it go
go away